Working with businesses for over thirty years, Productivity Consulting helps business leaders make better technology decisions.

Our principal service is to advise investors, owners, executives, and division heads on matters of technology as they relate to their business goals. Other services range from conceptualization of a back-of-napkin idea, to process discovery and documentation, to technical feasibility studies, to ongoing assessments and strategic planning, to social media & web strategy, and to facilitating public outreach using technology.

Ask us how we can help you make the most efficient and effective tech decisions for your business.
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    The groundwork covered during our inital strategy sessions saved our company thousands of dollars and many hours of stress and lost time throughout the fiscal year.
    Daniel Frezquez
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    He has a gift for making even the most complex concepts easy to understand
    Christa Ayer
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    I have had the opportunity to work with Anton during several of his presentations at the Apple, Inc. retail location in Pasadena, CA. He consistently presented a professional attitude and patience above and beyond what was called for.
    Crystal Rios
  • account_circle of the most insightful and talented colleagues I have ever had the pleasure to work on projects with. He is results driven, and really knows how to connect with his clients on a positive, productive level.
    Josh Simon
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    Very eager, learning all there is to know about my business; with on the spot suggestions- keen on spotting gaps for improvement.
    David Greenhouse
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    He is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of IT; he’s able to break down the most complex of workflows and explain them in a way that anyone can understand
    Stephanie Brody
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    His ability to understand process flow, reporting requirements and user interface helped us to have a fantastic database which simplified our operations. The project was completed on time and within budget, including some scope modifications along the way.
    Jeff Klausner
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    Coordinating projects and fine details with Anton is a breeze -- always professionally driven, erudite and precise with an eye on goals and the big picture.
    Arne Anderson
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    A true pleasure to work with, I would recommend Anton and Productivity Consulting for any/all IT needs. He designed, created and implemented a custom point-of-purchase software and hardware system for our business that serves needs not available in off-the-shelf applications.
    John Blakeley
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    Anton is a dedicated, detail-oriented, and strategic thinker. It is a pleasure to work with him on projects and initiatives.
    Diana Lawrence
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    To me, hiring an IT consultant has tended to be painful bordering on torturous but Anton is able, forward-leaning with technology, creative, and he makes the whole ordeal fun.
    Doug Pascover
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    Anton consistently provides excellent service to us and our clients. His skills as a personal trainer, workshop presenter, and database designer are all exemplary. I would not hesitate to recommend Anton for anyone looking for a great resource.
    Chuck Rogers
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    Anton is an excellent communicator and facilitator, and has been very easy to work with.
    Russel Kohn