Since our founding, we have taken a holistic approach to technology and its application to business. Even if the scope of work is limited, we insist upon knowing about your business and the role the work/project will play within the larger organizational context.

We work with you as trusted advisors, frequently communicating directly with the relevant stakeholders. Especially if you do not have someone in a CIO/CTO role, we are able to provide knowledge of the technology landscape beyond the day-to-day "smoke jumper" issues that are often the focus of IT staff, and can liaise between you and outside vendors such as your web or application development team.

How We Charge For Our Work

Rather than hourly billing, we prefer to engage our clients for a period of time (billed quarterly) for a specific fee, plus expenses. This frees both parties from the inherently adversarial nature of hourly billing (see a lighthearted take on this below) and allows us to be your unabashed advocate and advisor on all technology-related subjects.
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